Tuesday, August 5, 2014

How to Make a Girl Smile Over Text

By knowing how to make a girl smile over text you can keep a girl thinking about you in a positive way.  And the more she’s thinking about you, the more eager she’ll be to see you again.  So for tips on how to get a girl interested in you, follow the advice below on how to make a girl smile over text.
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Using memes to make a girl smile
Memes are perfect for texting girls because they keep the mood light and playful.  Since they incorporate pictures, they can often convey exactly what you want to get across with more punch and humor than an ordinary text message to a girl.
Perhaps the best part of using memes to text a girl is that they don’t have to be relevant to anything – you can just send one out of the blue as a little gift to brighten up her day.  A spontaneous surprise like that will get her interested in you and thinking about you in a good way for sure.
Finding memes that will make a girl laugh is easy as there are plenty of great sites that have them (not to mention some good ones probably pop up on your Facebook page all the time).  Just make a point to save the funny ones you see so you have them in the chamber ready to go, and you’ll be able to get a girl to smile and think you’re funny at a moment’s notice.
Create attraction with a girl through role play
Women tend to be very imaginative and have a great time indulging in role-play.  It takes a girl out of the mundane day-to-day life and puts her in the middle of a fun, interesting adventure.  Women want a man who can lead them on this adventure.  And even though it’s not real, that shared experience will cause her to feel closer to you and therefore get her more attracted to you.  Meanwhile, the positive emotions you’ve generated in her will also get the girl to like you that much more.
To start bantering with a girl using role-play, simply assign a role to yourself and to her.  Some examples of how to banter with a girl through role-play include pretending you’re husband and wife (who are potentially heading for divorce), travel buddies, a rock star and his groupie… or anything else that comes to mind.
A key part of how to banter with a girl through role-play is to give her something fun and interesting to do in her role.  Then, be as descriptive as you can when setting the scene.  Introduce a conflict or obstacle for you to overcome together.  Give it some life and most importantly – have fun with it.  Make yourself smile and you’ll be able to get her smiling along, too. (For more on how to banter with a girl through role-play, check out this Pickup Podcast episode on how to banter with a girl)
Make a girl smile by smiling first
A common mistake men make when texting girls is not using emoticons.  But a smiley face, winking face, or any other emoticon can dramatically improve the tone to your text to a girl.  And simply seeing that smiley face (and from there imagining your smiling face) can be enough to activate her mirror neurons and get the girl smiling, too.
An additional advantage in using emoticons when texting girls is that emoticons make your mood and intentions clear.  You don’t want her guessing what your emotion behind the text was because that gives her mind a chance to wander to a dark place (she may assume you were angry, annoyed, etc.).  By allowing her to see the mood behind the text, she has no reason to second guess your attitude and you can avoid disastrous miscommunication when texting girls.
Use humor and confidence to build attraction
If you want to make a girl laugh and show a woman confidence in the same text, a great thing to do is to make fun of yourself.  Laughing at yourself shows you’re not worried about your self-image and that you are relaxed and confident with women.
Plus, making fun of yourself creates a safe environment for the two of you to communicate.  A woman wants a man that allows her to let loose and be herself.  When you make fun of yourself, you lead the way and show her that she doesn’t need to be perfect because you’re not perfect either.   It allows her to lower her guard and feel more comfortable opening up to you.   And that kind of comfort is vital in getting a woman attracted to you.
When making fun of yourself, don’t be self-deprecating and negative.  Keep it light and playful.  For instance, here’s an example form The TXT Book on how to make a girl smile over text by making fun of yourself.  Saying something like “Okey Dokey little pokey (yeah, I’m a dork like that)” pokes fun at yourself, but in a fun, light-hearted way.
(For more on how to attract women with humor, check out the Pickup Podcast interview with Zack Browman)
How to stand out from others guys when texting a girl
Nicknames are a fun way to personalize your text messages to women.  If there’s any nickname that came up during your interaction, include it in your text to the girl as that will make the message more fun and personal.  If she doesn’t have a nickname yet, you can always make one up as you’re writing the girl a text message.
Now the best nicknames to use for a girl are going to be the ones that are personal to her – ones that reflect her personality and the dynamic that existed between the two of you.  Be sure to keep it fun, positive and playful (and make sure it’s something a girl would want to be called).
To get you started, here are some examples of nicknames for women that have worked well in the past (and are taken straight out of The TXT Book).  For girls that have a nerdy side, “nerdball” would fit great.   If there was a lot of sexual tension between the two of you when you met, then “sex kitten” could be a good one.  If she had a lot of energy and attitude, “sassy pants” might be appropriate.  If she’s little, maybe go with “midget ninja”.  If you want something more generic, “little miss pretty face” can be a great nickname to use for a girl.

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Flirting with confidence

As helpful as flirting tips for guys are, all these techniques and mindsets won’t do much if you can’t show confidence when flirting.  And no matter what flirting technique you use on a girl (touching, flirty banter, etc) the way to flirt with confidence is to have the right body language.
So when flirting with a girl, you want to lean back and show her that you’re relaxed and comfortable.  Avoid fidgeting and “pecking” (constantly leaning toward and away from the woman your talking to, which makes a guy look like a bird pecking at food).  Instead keep your body movements calm and controlled.  Strong body language will help you look and feel more confident, which is going to make your flirting much more effective.

How to flirt with a girl immediately

One of the easiest ways to start flirting with a girl is to simply give the girl you’re talking to a nickname.  Using a nickname not only makes things light and playful, it also gets things a bit more personal.  We tend to use nicknames with people we like and feel comfortable around, so it’s a great way to establish comfort and have some fun right off the bat.
The best nicknames for a girl are going to be the ones that are personalized to her.  So while you could run around using the same default nickname with each girl (“muffin” or “troublemaker” generally work just fine) don’t be afraid to experiment.  Use whatever nickname strikes you at the moment.  Just keep it positive and have fun with it and you’ll be able to get women smiling right away.

Make flirting a natural behavior

Becoming a natural flirt is less about mastering the right words and actions and has more to do with getting the right mindset.  Once you have the proper frame of mind for flirting, you’ll find the right words and actions flow effortlessly.
The right mindset then, is simple.  Assume that the woman you’re talking to is already attracted to you.  Assume she wants you and is trying to get with you.  See yourself as the perfect 10 out there, and that the best thing that can happen to her is to get your number, go on a date with you, or go home with you.
Now, don’t confuse this mindset with thinking you need to be arrogant.  It’s simply about seeing yourself as the desirable, high-value guy women desire.  From there, as always, you want to have fun and enjoy the idea that women are naturally attracted to you.  That fun, positive attitude along with the assumption that girl’s want you will help you to naturally flirt with women.
For some inspiration, here’s an example of the flirty things to say to a girl that come from that mindset:
Her: “Want to get another drink?”
Him: “Oh I see, you’re trying to get me drunk and take advantage of me ;)”

How to playfully flirt with a girl

Think of flirting as a game.  If you make the game too easy for the girl, she’ll get bored and won’t want to play.  So to get the girl interested, you can use a flirting technique called “push-pull”.  This means to show her a little bit of interest – but then playfully push her away.
For example, when talking to a girl you just met you could say something like “you’re totally awesome… you’re like my little sister”.  The first half of that sentence lets the girl know that you’re interested in her.  But in the second half you throw her through a bit of a loop.  She’s not quite sure what to make of that interest since most guys don’t date girls that remind them of their little sister.  By keeping her guessing and adding that bit of uncertainty, you’ll be able to keep her engaged (for more on push-pull and for further examples on how to playfully flirt with a girl, check out episode 8 of Pickup Podcast on playful teasing).

Using touch to flirt with a girl

Flirting is an incredibly fast and powerful way to attract a woman.  Many men struggle with it, not realizing that a few simple flirting tips for guys can dramatically increase any man’s ability to flirt successfully.  If you’re interested in mastering flirting, here are some flirting tips for guys that you can use to attract women wherever you go.
Perhaps the most powerful way to flirt with a girl is with touch.  The key to flirting through touch is start with quick, playful taps.   From there, gradually increase the duration of your touch while making it more intimate.
For example, if you are flirting with a girl you just met, a good way to start flirting through touch is to use the back of your hand and simply tap her around the upper elbow.  From there, take small steps forward with your touch.  Use the inside of your hand and touch her upper arm, shoulder, back, and maybe work in some one-armed side-hugs.  As you go along, you can gradually increase the duration of each touch.
Gradual escalation like this does a couple things that will help you attract women.  First, it gets the girl comfortable being physical with you without her feeling overwhelmed.  Second, touching her shows you’re comfortable with her, and subtly shows the girl you’re interested.  Third, by not letting your hand linger for too long when you touch her, you show that you’re in control and you end up leaving her wanting more – which will have her chasing you in no time. (for more on how to turn a girl on with touch, check out the Pickup Podcast Interview with Vin DiCarlo)